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Troy Fanfiction~A Change In Action [Sunday, March 18th, 2007 @ 8:16pm]

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Title:A Change In Action



Rating:PG 13 for Language,Violence,and Adult Situations

Word count:4318

Summary:What If Briseis had not spoken up when she was dragged into the King of Kings Tent. Please read and review.

Disclaimer:Okay so we’ve had the Trojan reaction to that firsts days events, now were going to swing back to Achilles and Briseis because I know you all are just dying to know what I’ll do next with my favorite couple. Basically what happens in this scene is what was going on while everything was being revealed in Troy and then later that night. Read, Review and Enjoy! Now on with my tale.

A Change In Action

By Chrissykat aka briseisd

Achilles found himself in quite a baffling predicament. He had always been known for being dauntless in the eyes of danger. Danger never bothered him so he always faced it with a smile on his face and a sword in hand. Now he was riding faster than the wind across the countryside fleeing from those who mere hours ago he had been fighting alongside. The good King Odysseus once told him that women had a way of complicating things. Never was his friend more correct than now.

Chapter 6:Only We RemainCollapse )
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